Zahrah Sita


Thank you for
visiting my page.
I am a Zahrah Sita ~
A passionately inspired holistic healer, writer, artist, mother, spiritual intuitive, and visionary –
living in the lush, tropical jungles
of Costa Rica.
I am a luminary,
an intuitive guide,
and an empowerment catalyst

I have a divine calling to utilize my talents and experience to assist in the planetary healing and collective  awakening.  I share my gifts as a writer, an educator, a healer, a mentor, and a coach, to assist others on their personal journeys of achieving optimal health and embodying empowerment.
My life is a testimony to the power of natural healing and the transformation found through following a path of spiritual awakening. I have been able to turn a life marked with trauma, sickness, and suffering, into a life of inspiration, freedom, health, and joy.

My personal story has been marked with many intense tests, traumas and losses.
I have endured some incredible trials, and through the hardships I have gained much growth and insight. I struggled for many years with health issues, some of which were quite severe – such as cancer.
Through my strong desire to heal my body and
create a life free of sickness and suffering,
I embarked on a quest for answers and for healing.

This quest brought me to teachers from many paths and traditions.

I have deeply immersed myself in the journey of self-discovery and healing.
This quest has taught me how to heal my body, transform my life, embody empowerment, and has revealed to me my sacred purpose,
and the talents I must utilize to fulfill that purpose.
I offer my life and my talents as a service to the collective healing and awakening of humanity.
I am honored and grateful to be of service…