Detox & Cleanse Your Body

  Renew, Recharge, Rejuvenate ~
Clean Your Body & Change Your Life!

 Detox and Rejuvenate with a guided and structured Full Body Cleanse.
Detox & Rejuvenate Cleanse ~
You will receive
  • Full detailed instructions of each phase of the cleanse program
  • One 30 minute Skype session for asking questions, receiving guidance, etc.,
    prior to the start of your cleanse.
  • Access to me via email for questions or concerns during the cleanse. 
  • One 30 minute Skype session following the cleanse to check in
    and receive guidance for continued healthy living.

Are you ready to lose that extra weight? Gain some extra energy?
Improve your health? Feel inspired and filled with vitality?

If you answered YES, then I have an easy to do at home, inexpensive,
safe, and super effective way to make a shift in your health and your energy,
that will also help to make positive changes in your life.

This  cleanse will help catalyze you to higher levels of well-being, and clear  energy blocks that have kept you from your optimal health and innate  potential. 

This amazing program helps to detoxify all of your main elimination channels (colon, liver, kidneys, and lymph) – which in turn makes everything in your body work better and become healthier.

You  will receive instruction and personal guidance through a supremely  healing and revitalizing detoxification and purification program, that  helps to cleanse the body of toxins, parasites, stagnant energy, inflammation, and  tension. The results can include increase in energy, improved digestion,  improved sleep, weight loss, elevated moods, improved immunity, healing  of dis-ease, and much more.

This program is easy to do from the  convenience of your own home. No need to take a break from work or  school, unless you want to.

Remember – our bodies are not who we are – our bodies are simply vessels, or temples, for our spirit to dwell within. Regular cleaning and maintenance of our bodies is important for optimal health and vitality. All is connected, so when our bodies are healthy, we enjoy positive moods, inspiration, motivation, and creativity.

Physical cleansing is also an excellent way to work with emotional and spiritual healing. As we clean our bodies, we are more able to release the connections we have had to the traumas or painful times in our lives.
As we heal our bodies and we lighten up our energy, we can catalyze and even accelerate our own awakening process.

Taking time to invest in our own well-being, and to love ourselves, is one of the most important things we can do. As we each grow in health, we raise our vibration and help lift the collective vibration. To change the world we change ourselves.

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*Price does not include cleansing supplies.
The supplies you will need are easy to find and should cost between
$25 and $35 – depending on prices in your area.